Meet the players

The Jessee Lee Band

Jessee's band members are made up of Rockabilly and Country based musicians that add their own touch of spice on the live shows. Each member has a job that keeps the wheels in motion and everything running smoothly. 

Her guitarist, Brian Duarte, has played with several touring artists over the years including "Two Tons of Steel" and he adds in a touch of Rockabilly, Country, and Jazz. His tasteful and unique guitar riffs leave you mesmerized at every live show. He also fronts his own band around San Antonio called "Brian and the Blackouts". 

Paul Ward, the man behind the drums, has played with groups including "Two Tons of Steel", "Junior Brown", and several other major touring acts. Paul Ward brings a classy, vintage style of drumming that combines Rockabilly, Jazz, Classic Country, and Pop. Paul is a tasteful and quiet player that has the rhythm of a metronome whether he's playing a full drum kit or a cajon. 

Paul Ward and Brian Duarte started playing with Jessee in 2018 and are the longest running members of the Jessee Lee band. 

Matthew Scott, also known as “Two Hat Matt”, is both the bass player and an incredible sound man. With a history of running sound at different churches and leading youth groups, he has ventured into the world of Country-Soul and made a huge impact on the Jessee Lee Band. Not to mention he also provides the trailer! 

Lastly, the only other lady in the van and one of the best harmony singers out there is Miranda McCarley (Megason). Miranda and Jessee began singing together back in 2018 at a dive bar in Fischer, TX where Jessee hosted an open mic every Thursday. They had an automatic bond and their voices blended like familial harmonies. Since then, Miranda has accompanied Jessee and she "officially" joined the band in January of 2022. 

This band is a tight and solid group that will travel anywhere to play music and chase the dream. When all 5 members are together, it’s a magical, Gypsy-Americana sound that leaves every new listener wondering why they hadn’t heard of this group sooner.